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Vimy's Birthday Week - Day 2: Get a freebie on me!

Vimy - Honor Points Canadian Victory


The battle of Vimy Ridge is an important symbol for Canada, the place where Canadians delivered an unprecedented victory in WW I, where all four divisions of the Canadian Corps fighting together for the first time in the war.


On April 9, 1917 nearly 1, 000 guns open fired on the German positions on Vimy Ridge, in France. An estimated 15, 000 Canadians rose from the trenches and advanced towards the ridge in waves, with thousands more behind them. Canadians captured most of the ridge on the 9th, and the remaining portions of it by the 12th.


Over four more days of fighting the Canadians had overrun Vimy Ridge at the cost of more than 10, 600 killed and wounded.

To celebrate this historic victory for Canada and Vimy's birthday week, check out my webinar on Managing a Multiple Dog Household.



These strategies have saved my butt since bringing Vimy into our home, and I hope they can help you or someone you know that has a multiple dog home. Please feel free to forward! But hurry, once Vimy's birthday is over, this freebie will be too.


Tomorrow is Day 3 and I'll have some value packed lessons learned for y'all! Stay tuned!

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