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Our Services

We support canine enthusiasts with group training, private training, temperament and cognition testing, and enrichment equipment. Whether destined for the ring, the field or the living room, CDT helps you develop your canine's natural ability. 

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Group Classes

Group classes are a great opportunity to learn something new! Join our experienced instructors as they lead you through the process of training new skills and developing your canine. 


Special Events

Seminars and workshops are a great opportunity to really split down behaviors and get nerdy about a specific topic!

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Temperament Testing

Puppy temperament testing can provide insight into a puppy's sociability and environmental stability, helping to confirm the breeders observations, and giving the breeder an overall perspective of the litter to determine if the breeding expectations were met. 

Puppy temperament testing also provides value to the new owners by identifying what behaviors need attention immediately after placement, and supporting the new owners and their chosen trainers with information that may guide the puppy's initial training plan.

Cognition Testing

Imagine having a peek inside your canine's mind. What insights would you want to know? How would this help you?

With canine cognition testing, we can help you understand how your dogs thinks. We use a series of science based assessments that give us important clues about how your dog learns in different contexts such as problem solving, and following social cues.

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Private Training

If group training doesn't fit your schedule or you want a more specialized approach, we can help!


CDT will work with you in your home or our facility to meet your goals with your canine, whatever they might be.

Day Train

Not into the DIY approach? Would you rather have your canine learning how to be a cultured companion while you're at work? 

Leave the training to us with our day train option. 

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Facility Rentals

We've got your training needs covered with our clean, bright and safe environment for training between your classes. 

Current CDT students receive priority bookings! 

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