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Stop being embarrassed by your dog and start living the life you always imagined.

Reactive Dog Training

You didn't get a dog to be stressed and embarrassed by their behavior! Some dogs exhibit behaviors that make it challenging to integrate them into your life, causing stress and tension for the entire household. 


  • Feel proud of your dog and learn how to confidently manage them in any situation 

  • Reduce frustrating and embarrassing leash reactions 

  • Restore calm, and learn to trust your dog again 

My intuitive training framework will make training your reactive dog less challenging than ever before. 

Caroline and Kuma

"I can't recommend Tamara and the CDT team highly enough. Tamara is a very talented dog trainer but also incredibly skilled in coaching and mentoring people. Our stubborn northern breed dog has allergies and can't have high-value treats, making her challenging to train - Tamara really helped us understand her and work with her to give her a sense of security, and us a set of tools to manage any situation. CDT exceeded our expectations in every way and changed our relationship with our dog. Thank you."

Get relief from unwanted behaviors and teach your dog what they need to know to be a reliable companion. 😮

Here's what that really means...

❌No more frustration for you or your dog dealing with reactivity and anxiety.

❌No more hunting and pecking through the internet for answers.

❌No more cycling through classes and trainers trying to find results. 

❌No more feeling isolated and alone with your dog's behavior. 

✅You and your dog gain clarity on the expectations around found hides.

✅All the answers you need in one place! A cohesive framework to help you progress with your dog's behavior.

✅Learn strategies to reduce frustration and create sustainable action.

✅Train with the support of experienced instructors and a community of like-minded dog owners.

Our programs focus on addressing the root causes of reactive behavior. By understanding the underlying triggers and providing effective training strategies, we help you to create lasting change in your dog's behavior.

Here's how it works


Enroll in one of our programs.

- Day Camp

- Reactivity Essentials 

- Reactivity Recovery 

Not sure which one's right for you? 

Contact us!  We want to learn more about you and your dog, and ensure we can help you. 


Work through your dog's training with a flexible and accessible approach.

- Done for you, or do it yourself 

- Resources to support you 

Gain access to our resource library, coaching, unlimited feedback, private lessons and group classes. 


Learn the skills, strategies and games to turn your dog's reactive behavior around. 

- Not just cookies and distraction

- Learn to change your dog's big feelings

Easier training, less frustration, and more success than you ever dreamed possible 🙌

Training with us will give you:

A strong foundation and relationship with your dog.

Coaching, feedback and support to navigate reactivity, anxiety, separation anxiety and aggression.

Sustainable solutions  for living with your reactive dog.

The ability to enjoy your dog and enjoy them as the companion they were meant to be.

❌You're looking for a quick fix to your dog's behavior.

❌You're in a rush, don't want to do the work or are looking for a short-cut. 

✅Your dog shows behaviors that concern you, and you want change! 

✅You've worked with other trainers before but didn't see the results you want. 

Who is not a good fit...

Who is a good fit...

✅You value the step-by-step guidance of someone who has a proven framework and success. 

❌ You want to continue cycling through trainers and methods.

Get Started


Behavior and Wellness Consult

Consults are held virtually.

Jump-start your dog's transformation with our comprehensive 60-minute virtual Behavior and Wellness Consult. This session, included in both our Reactivity Essentials and Reactivity Recovery programs, provides:

📌A thorough assessment of your dog's current behavior patterns
📌Evaluation of your dog's overall health and its impact on reactivity
📌Customized strategies to manage reactive behaviors effectively
📌Practical tactics to reduce frustration for both you and your dog
📌Immediate action steps you can implement starting today


You'll gain a deeper understanding of your dog's needs and leave the session equipped with tools to begin positive change immediately.




Reactivity Essentials

Kickstart your journey to managing your dog's minor leash reactivity with our comprehensive one-month Reactivity Essentials Program.


This tailored package includes: 

📌1 Wellness Review to assess your dog's overall health and behavior
📌4 Private Lessons for personalized training and guidance
📌4 Weekly Day Camps for structured socialization and practice
📌 Group Classes to apply skills in a controlled environment

This program is designed as an intensive introduction to behavior modification techniques, giving you the tools and confidence to start addressing your dog's reactivity effectively. 



Reactivity Recovery

For dog owners committed to making significant, lasting changes in their reactive dog's behavior. This Program offers an unparalleled 6-month journey of transformation.

This comprehensive package includes:

📌Regular Group Classes for ongoing skill development
📌Private Lessons tailored to your dog's specific needs

📌Group Coaching sessions to address your concerns

📌Unlimited Feedback to support your progress

📌Extensive behavior modification support

This signature program is designed for those dealing with more severe reactivity issues or seeking in-depth, long-term support. We work closely with you to create lasting change.


*payment plans avail.

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