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Private Training

Contact us to discover how we can help you and your canine. We provide support and training for behavior concerns, puppy raising and performance. All specifically designed to meet you and your canine where you're at, and help you meet your goals, whatever they happen to be!

Get relief for unwanted behaviors and teach your canine what they need to know to be a reliable companion.

What does private training cover?

A personalized training program is created for every canine to accomplish the goals set by you. We can help you raising your new puppy right, teach and strengthen a variety of obedience skills, manners, and performance sports skills. 

What's included?

All of our private training options include a progressive training plan designed to help you meet your goals, topical handouts and text support between your lessons. 

Progressive Training Plan



Book Your Private Training Package

We have flexible daytime and evening options.

Book now to see our calendar of available dates.

Private Training Packages



Consults are held in our training facility.


1 - Session

*Valid for 3 months from purchase



Start tackling your canine's training in our training facility!



*Valid for 3 months from purchase



Meet your training goals from your own home!



*Valid for 3 months from purchase

Our Training Facility is located just off Glenmore and Barlow SE

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