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Expert guidance for life skills and dog sports.

Transform Your Dog with Personalized Private Training

If you're looking for the accessibility and flexibility of private training, our programs are designed for you! Each dog owner and dog is treated as an individual, and we create a training program that's as unique as you and your dog!


We can help you address life skills and obedience, in-home manners, crate training, socialization, leash manners and recall. Our dog's live in our homes just like your dogs, so we know exactly what you're going through!

Let us show you how we raise and train our dogs to avoid anxiety, reactivity, aggression, separation anxiety, and behavior issues. 


Our dog sport coaching sessions can address engagement, conformation, competition obedience, rally, and scent detection. Our trainers excel in providing you and your dog with a detailed foundation in dog sports and help problem-solve specific skills in these sports. 


Each session will take place either in our training facility, a mobile public location, or virtually (and sometimes a mix of all, depending on your training goals). 

All of our private training programs include support and coaching via text, email, and private student community as well as access to video's and training material as needed. 

*if you're experiencing reactivity or aggression with your dog, please contact us about our reactivity program.

Suzanne and River

"Time, space and expertise to help me not screw up my dog."

Suzanne and River.jpg

Here's how it works


Choose a private training program.

Reach out to us if you need support choosing the right package for you. 


Schedule your training sessions, with flexibility to change!

We will schedule all your training sessions in advance so you have visibility on what's coming and what you're working towards. 


Attend your training sessions in-person or online. 

You'll come away with actionable homework making training easier, less frustrating, and more successful. 

What can you expect from a Private Training Program?

Simple, sustainable success. 


Resource Library 

Our resource library is filled with videos and tutorials. 

Tutorials will help you recall the skills and lessons you're learning in your program. 


Help When You Need It

Don't wait until see you see us next to get support. Get access to your trainer to answer your questions, when you need us!

We support you via email, text and through our private coaching community. 


Flexible and Accessible

Our private dog training programs are tailored towards your needs and schedule. 

Private dog training lessons are scheduled based on your availability, Monday to Friday. 


Personalized Training Plan

No two dogs are alike, just like you're unique and have your own needs, as well! We work with the dog and handlers needs to ensure our training plans will help you meet your goals. 

Get ready to meet your goals! 

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Paula and Charlie

"Tamara and Alyssa have been open and forthcoming with all my questions. I feel listened to and heard when I have a concern. They have helped me move forward with confidence and enjoyment during training."

Get Started with our Private Training Programs, Today!

Wellness Review



A deep dive into your dog's behavioral health

Life Skills, Obedience and Behavior



4 in-person or virtual private training lessons.

Dog Sport Coaching



Coaching for dog sports. Virtual or In-Person!

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