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Dogs with trainer

📢Getting Another Dog?

Adding a new dog to your home? Curious how to introduce a new dog? Wondering what appropriate play looks like? If you're looking to proactively avoid issues in your home and learn about:


🐾 Resource Guarding Prevention 

🐾 Appropriate Play Examples 

🐾 Body Language 

🐾 Red Flags to Watch For 

🐾 Sanity Saving Strategies  

Then, you're not alone! 

Luckily for you, I've created a webinar on managing multiple dogs designed specifically to give you some strategies to avoid the most common multiple dog issues, starting today! 

Get my webinar on Managing a Multiple Dog Household for FREE and learn the strategies I personally implement in my home to proactively avoid issues and keep the peace. 

Your Webinar in on the way!

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