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Road to Detection Podcast: Trailer

Join me as I introduce my new podcast Road to Detection. In this podcast I'll share a little about my passion for scent detection, training tips and strategies, and several different episode formats that will keep you listening and learning. In this Road to Detection trailer, I discuss my background, my journey into scent detection, and some of the challenges I've faced with my own dogs. I also outline the mission of this podcast and what you can expect from the content here!

And, because I know Netflix has trained our brains for a good binge, I've released the first several episodes to get you going. Cheers!

In this episode I discuss:

00:00 Unveiling the Road to Detection

03:13 Passion for Scent Detection

05:59 Challenges and Growth in Training

06:57 Mission of the 'Road to Detection' Podcast

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