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Gain clarity and confidence. 

Conquering Converging Odor

Does your dog stick to found hides? Are you struggling with converging odors at trial? Do you wish you had a training plan to teach converging scent puzzles?


Conquering Converging Odor - The step-by-step system I’ve used to teach my own dogs and my students dogs how to crush converging odor puzzles, all with simple strategies you can do at home. 

My intuitive training framework will make converging odor puzzles less challenging than ever before. 

Lindi and Echo

"Well thought out with great structure to help you reach your potential, all the while having great fun! Instructor Tamara has great knowledge with a passion for the subject matter that is contagious!"


Imagine not having to worry about nagging your dog to "find another"! 😮

Here's what that really means...

❌No more frustration for you or your dog "sticking" to a found hide.

❌No more hunting and pecking through the internet for answers.

❌No more collecting webinars, blogs and resources in a library that never gets visited.

❌No more wishing you had support to ask a question or gain clarification on the training task. 

✅You and your dog gain clarity on the expectations around found hides.

✅All the answers you need in one place! A cohesive framework to help you teach and progress. 

✅Start implementing what you're learning and create sustainable action.

✅Train with the support of experienced instructors and a community of like-minded scent enthusiasts!

Conquering even the trickiest converging odor puzzles is wildly doable.

Let me show you how...

Here's how it works


Enroll in Conquering Converging Odor Bootcamp

With one easy click! 


Work through the 4 Conquering Converging Odor Modules 


Know how to teach and progress this challenging scent puzzle. 

Easier training, less frustration, and more success than you ever dreamed possible 🙌

Bring any questions to our Q&A calls 📆

PLUS! You'll Have Lifetime Access To Answers

(to questions you don’t even know to ask yet! 🤯)

What's Inside Conquering Converging Odor

Simple and sustainable. 


Overview and Theory

This section of the workshop will walk you through the overall process and ensures you understand converging odor skills. 

Knowing the "why" is part of developing you as a trainer! 


Teaching New Cue's

We dive into teaching your dog two new cue's that will be asset's to you as your dog progresses in this skill. 

Get started with these new cue's and in as little as 3 training sessions, your dog will have a clear understanding! 


Containers and Area Searches

Next, you'll learn how to incorporate your new cue's into training set-ups. Using this detailed set-by-step progression plan will ensure your dog generalizes their understanding. 

This framework splits down your training sessions into manageable steps. 


Skills and Challenges

This is where we get to the sexy part and start teaching more advanced skills! You'll have a dog able to confidently solve converging odor puzzles, even if they've never been able to do this before. 

Get ready to have your most confident searches, yet! 


Kim and KoKo-Nut

"AMAZING!! We’ve reached goals we never knew we had until we met Tamara."

❌Your dog already knows to leave found hides and can ace any converging odor puzzle. 

❌You're in a rush, don't want to do the work or are looking for a short-cut. 

✅Your dog is just starting out and knows at least one target odor and you want a proven framework to teach this scent puzzle.

✅You've started teaching multiple hides and converging odor but you're struggling to make progress

Who is not a good fit...

Who is a good fit...

✅You value the step-by-step guidance of someone who has a proven framework. 

❌You enjoy hunting and pecking through the internet for training advice. 

By the end of this program, you will:

Have a strong foundation for complex scent puzzles

Build your dog's confidence and motivation to "find another"

Have a system to train and progress challenging converging odor puzzles

Fall in love with converging odor and have more trial success than you ever dreamed possible

A handful of weeks to learn a repeatable framework?


Conquering Converging Odor



Conquering Converging Odor is officially OPEN for enrollment!

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Terry and Fergus

"Informative and knowledgeable with a sense of humour."


Here's what you'll get when you enroll:

Conquering Converging Odor



This intuitive training framework will make converging odor puzzles less challenging than ever before. 

Lifetime access to step-by-step instructions and videos 💻

Lifetime access to the student community 💗

Module 1: Overview and Theory

Module 2: Teaching New Cue's

Module 3: Containers and Area Searches

Module 4: Skills and Challenges

3 Monthly Q&A Calls 📅


The entire Conquering Converging Odor Framework


Go from just getting started to soaring past your goals without guessing your way to success or getting stuck.


A library full of video lessons, guides and progression plans. 

Erase overwhelm from the equation completely because you’ll have lifetime access to the material. 


Live Q&A group calls.

Ask questions, get support and learn to implement the steps outlined in this framework. 



1. Training Journal Template

2. Airflow and Environment Webinar


Check your library! Your bonus for enrolling will be provided under "Bonus Sniffs".

The no-fluff, to the point roadmap you need to start, progress and succeed with converging odor, even if you're starting from scratch


We get going with our Bootcamp Kick-Off June 17! Don't miss out!

Conquering Converging Odor



Conquering Converging Odor is officially OPEN for enrollment!

Copy of TEMPLATE The Ultimate Course Template Share Posts (1).png
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