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002 - Training Audit: Reactivity and Detection Training

In this Training Audit Episode, I chat with Vee and discuss her dog, Jenko, who has been working through some reactivity issues and is also training in scent detection. Vee contacted me to better understand how to work through Jenko's reactivity while taking her detection training on the road. Vee's goal is to be able to take Jenko to different locations and have him focus on detection without being distracted by triggers in the environment.

In this Training Audit Episode, we discuss the importance of using a consistent cues and rituals for searching and the potential risk of negative associations with target odor if Jenko is triggered while searching. We talk about prioritizing emotional state and adjust the training plan accordingly, and using food searches as a way to help test the waters out in the wild. We also talk about some reactivity training strategies that could help with impulse control and decision making before Vee takes Jenko out to do searches in public area. This way, she knows what things might look like when he's not being managed as much as he normally would be. This is such a critical concept for any reactivity training, but especially for this team who want to continue progressing their scent detection training beyond their home.

This was such a fun episode for me as reactivity and scent detection are decidedly in my wheel house and it's really cool to be able to combine strategies to progress both at the same time.

In this episode we discuss:

00:00 Introduction

00:43 Background and Purpose of Training Audit

09:39 Building Confidence in Searching for Target Odor

13:29 Starting with Primary Searches in Quiet Areas

16:12 Using a Consistent Cue for Searching

22:49 Adapting the Training Plan for Reactive Dogs

24:08 Setting Clear Goals and Aspirations

25:51 Building Independence and Impulse Control

27:22 Teaching Good Choices with the 'Give Me a Break' Game

29:15 Marking on First Sniff in New Environments

31:25 Building Value for Hunting in New Environments

36:27 Starting with Small and Successful Searches

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