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Virtual Training

Virtual training is great for starting new skills, getting a bit of extra coaching help, or for those unable to make it to in-person classes or workshops. 

Having an experienced trainer support you while you work towards your goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

What does virtual training include?

Virtual Training Options


Virtual Coaching

Video review and feedback, at your pace.


1 - Hour of Feedback

*Video review valid for 6 months from registration

*Lifetime access to coaching materials


Virtual Classes

Self-paced study with video feedback!


6 Lesson Modules

*Video review valid for 6 months from class registration.

*Lifetime access to materials


Virtual Workshops

Self-paced study as an auditor or with one-time video feedback.


Workshops approx. 1-Hour

*Video review valid for 3 months from workshop registration

*Lifetime access to materials


Virtual Webinars

Self-paced study.


Webinars approx. 1-Hour plus Q&A


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