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Virtual Training

Virtual training is great for starting new skills, getting a bit of extra coaching help, or for those unable to make it to in-person classes or workshops. 

Having an experienced trainer support you while you work towards your goals is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

What does virtual training include?

When you sign-up you'll be provided access to a private Facebook group where you can ask unlimited questions, as well as submit video of your training sessions for review and feedback. The video review and feedback amount and frequency is based on the training package chosen. 


Feedback is provided in written form so you can refer back to it as often as you need! Feedback will reference the moment of the video being discussed to ensure we can get specific about the behavior or skill you're working on. This ensures clear and efficient training! ​

All virtual training comes with access to your trainer for questions, video review and feedback, and class / workshop materials (if that's the option you've chosen). 

Virtual Training Packages


Virtual Coaching

Video review and feedback, at your pace.


1 - Hour of Feedback

*Video review valid for 6 months from registration

*Lifetime access to coaching materials


Virtual Classes

Self-paced study with video feedback!


6 Lesson Modules

*Video review valid for 6 months from class registration.

*Lifetime access to materials

Virtual Workshops

Self-paced study as an auditor or with one-time video feedback.


Workshops approx. 1-Hour

*Video review valid for 3 months from workshop registration

*Lifetime access to materials


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