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Under Pressure

Don’t Let Ring Pressure Hold Your Canine Back!

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  • 119 Canadian dollars
  • Canine Development and Testing

Service Description

The indication or alert is the means by which your canine is able to communicate to you that he’s found the location of his target odor. It’s a behaviour that, after training, your canine will perform unprompted when he's at or as close to source as possible. Does my sport detection dog need an indication? YES and here’s why … Successful Sport Detection requires your canine to search for, and locate, his target odor. Without an indication, you're relying only on change of behavior to determine whether your canine is at source. Ever get a "NO" in a trial because you made a call when you "thought" your canine was at source, but instead, he was still working? We can help you! In this workshop we will cover: - Why and how to use markers - Creating duration at source - Proofing the indication against the handler and other distractions At the end of this workshop you will have reduced canine look backs, frustration, and false alerts AND confidently be able to tell when your canine has finished working a hide. *Instructor: Tamara Champagne

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