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Improve Your Search Performance (Nov 11)

Strategies for improving your search times and reducing false alerts.

  • 99 Canadian dollars
  • Canine Development and Testing

Service Description

How do we improve our search times and decrease false alerts? Double blinds! You think these searches are only for professionals, right? Besides, how would you even set them up? In the sport detection world, we all want faster times, and clear communication from our canine about the location of hides. In this 3-hour workshop, we will discuss why double blinds will help your training, and how to set them up, even without a training partner! In a 2020 Study conducted by M. DeChant, C. Ford, N. Hall , Effect of Handler Knowledge of the Detection Task on Canine Search Behavior and Performance, research, "highlights that handler knowledge of the testing parameters influences search behavior, by increasing the search duration in a blank area and increasing the number of lookbacks to the handler by the sport dog" - M. DeChant, C. Ford, N. Hall Science is on your side, and so are we! Let's explore this topic together in this focused workshop.

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