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Art of Engagement

Engagement is the foundation for a strong relationship with your dog.

  • 119 Canadian dollars
  • Canine Development and Testing

Service Description

Welcome to the "Art of Engagement" workshop, a 3-hour session designed to teach dog owners the principles and techniques of engagement. Engagement is simple but super important: it’s the process of teaching our dog that paying attention to humans is fun and rewarding for them. A dog who is really engaged with its human will ignore other things around them, even distractions like another dog, cars or bikes, or even food dropped on the sidewalk! Anybody who has ever walked on a city street with tempting snacks like chicken bones or pizza crusts on the sidewalk knows how important engagement is. Engagement doesn’t just make for a better-behaved dog. It also helps you build a stronger relationship and bond with your pup. The more that your dog learns to associate paying attention to you with rewards like treats or playtime, the more trust they will have in you as their handler and the more fun you can have together. There are many ways to build engagement, we will learn a few ways to engage with your dog in our "Art of Engagement" workshop. Throughout the workshop, participants will have the opportunity to observe demonstrations, engage in hands-on exercises, and receive personalized guidance from our instructor. The workshop will be interactive and tailored to the specific needs and goals of the participants. Bring out the best in your canine with this engagement workshop!

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