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Temperament Testing

We help you bring out the best in your canine.

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CDT puppy evaluations support breeder observations, and determine the best possible fit for the puppy and new owner.

Puppy Evaluations include a safe and novel environment for the evaluation, video, and analysis of the results, delivered in a personalized report. $129 for the first two puppies and each additional puppy is $29.

Puppy temperament testing has a number of benefits for the breeder and new owner, including:

* Supporting or confirming the breeders observations

* Giving the breeder an overall perspective of the litter to determine if the breeding expectations were met, or if something needs to be addressed in the next litter

* Identifying what behaviors need attention prior to or immediately after placement

* Supporting new owners and their chosen trainers with information that may guide the puppies initial training plan

Puppy temperament testing is not:

* A crystal ball

* A label for puppies to be correct, good or bad

At CDT we believe each puppy is an individual. There are no bad puppies, just differences in their approach and perspective. Therefore, we avoid arbitrary labels such as good or bad, poor or excellent. Instead, we assess each individual based on standardized criteria and report the observations. We understand how important this information is to breeders and owners when placing and choosing puppies so we are committed to providing your evaluation results to you within 48 hours.

Nancy Lee, Bodacious Terriers
Temperament Testing

Tamara gave valuable insight to puppy temperaments, both confirming what I had seen and discovering small nuances that I hadn’t really considered prior to getting the report.

Alison Merrick, Mojave Dobermans
Temperament Testing

The temperament testing is a great tool for my owners as well as helps confirm some of what I have seen throughout the puppy raising process.

Rachel Jesse, Clarity Rat Terriers 
Temperament Testing

The puppy temperament testing was excellent. I have attended many different Puppy temperament evaluations over the past 20 years and Tamara's quality of testing is a stand out. 

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