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An all in one Training with Purpose downloadable journal to help you Dream, Plan, Train and Succeed.


Dream: brainstorm all of your huge ass scary dreams! Write them down, get focused on what’s important to you, and don’t hold back!


Plan: turn your dreams into goals. Distill those dreams into attainable actions. The Training With Purpose Planner gives you space to set your overall goals, as well as monthly process goals. Progress over perfection here! The Planner also provides multiple dog space for cues and skills list. If you’re like me with several dogs competing in multiple sports or training venues, it’s nice to have a reference for this.


Train: this is where the magic happens! Think about each session and what you want to achieve. Focus on skills rather than large concepts and watch your training progress! Of course, not every session goes the way we planned, so the Training With Purpose Journal has space for notes on what went well and what needs work each session. This feedback will help you better plan your next training sessions while staying focused on your goals!


Succeed: you will succeed! Why? Because you executed your plan! In the end, our goals with our dogs and our training journey are individual and very personal, but success isn’t measured be achievements alone. The only true measure of success is the courage to fail and continue to try, each and every day.


Review: the Training With Purpose Journal provides you opportunity to review your progress monthly and yearly. A spot to track your session and goal progression, as well as titles earned throughout the year.


A training journal isn’t intended to be perfectly filled out. If you miss a day or a week, it’s not the end of the world! The point is to track your progress and keep important training notes so you can stay focused on what matters…having FUN with your dog and the training process.


Best of all, the Training With Purpose Journal is available as a download. Print as many pages as you choose, and add or remove pages as you go for multiple dogs or sports. The Training With Purpose Journal gives you FLEXIBILITY!


What's included:

-112 pages, undated to allow for optimal planning flexibility 

-In journal coaching prompts to support you through your goal setting process

-Monthly planner and goal setting 

-Daily training planner 

-Monthly overview 

-Habit tracker

-Yearly review

-Title tracker 

Downloadable Training with Purpose Journal (8.5x11 File)

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