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Our Team

Meet the human team behind the canines here at CDT.

Jennifer Council

Jennifer has a long history in animal training. She began as an apprentice dog trainer in 1999 in North Vancouver where she grew into an instructor for Sierra K9. During the next few years Jennifer worked as a dog trainer, a police dog quarry and dabbled in marine mammal studies, training and husbandry mostly working with Orcas. The addiction was real and before long agility and conformation were added to the slate.


In 2004 Jennifer registered her Kennel Name, Tarrango, with the Canadian Kennel Club and began showing, raising and sled training her Siberian Huskies. She continued to teach obedience, agility, puppy and tracking classes while living in Lethbridge Alberta and attending the University there; on the weekends Jennifer worked as an assistant Conformation Handler on both sides of the 49th parallel.


Fast forward to 2007 and the wonderful world of Lure Coursing was introduced to Jenn - an immediate new love and appreciation for Sighthounds was born and Whippets began to take over her home and life. Today Jenn continues to show and grow in the land of whippets; she shows a few other breeds for select clients and is a licensed CKC Lure Coursing Judge. The years have given Jennifer a vast array of experience in many dog sports as well as day to day living, her training methods encompass positive reinforcement with a strong emphasis on behaviour shaping while working with people to ensure they are fair and structured to provide the best relationship with their canine companions. Her goal is to help her clients obtain a strong and lasting partnership with their dogs by being the best leaders they can be.

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