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End confusion, gain confidence. 

All Ages and Stages

Foundations for Life

Is your once-adorable puppy turning into a rebellious adolescent? Are you struggling with a dog that won't listen, jumps up, barks incessantly, plays keep-away or won't settle in the house?

Don't worry; you're not alone. Raising a dog of any age can be challenging for both dogs and their owners, but with the right guidance, you can navigate raising and training your dog and emerge with a well-mannered companion.

Our comprehensive training program is designed for all life stages, addressing the unique challenges and behaviors that arise during your dog's critical developmental periods.


With our proven techniques and personalized approach, you'll learn how to:

  • Establish a strong foundation for life skills 

  • Curb unwanted behaviors like jumping, barking and not settling in the house 

  • Teach your dog a recall they listen to, even in distracting environments

  • Train a companion you can be proud to take anywhere! 

Suzanne and River

"Time, space and expertise to help me not screw up my dog."

Suzanne and River.jpg

Learn strategies and techniques that will change your relationship with your dog😮

Here's what that really means...

❌No more frustration for you or your dog while you try to navigate this critical development period. 

❌No more hunting and pecking through the internet for answers.

❌No more collecting webinars, blogs and resources in a library that never gets visited.

❌No more wishing you had support to ask a question or gain clarification on the training task. 

✅You and your dog gain clarity around boundaries and structure in the home.

✅All the answers you need in one place! A cohesive framework to help you teach and progress your dog's skills.

✅Start implementing what you're learning and create sustainable action.

✅Train with the support of experienced instructors and a community of like-minded dog owners! 

Don't let your dog's behavior strain your bond or cause embarrassment.

Let me show you how...

Here's how it works


Enroll in the Life Skills Program.

Spend 8-weeks getting the support you need! 


Attend the 4 in-person skills classes.


Understand how to manage and train your dog. 

Easier training, less frustration, and more success.

Bring all your questions to your 4 virtual coaching sessions.


Paula and Charlie

"Tamara and Alyssa have been open and forthcoming with all my questions. I feel listened to and heard when I have a concern. They have helped me move forward with confidence and enjoyment during training."

What can you expect from the  Program?

Simple, sustainable success. 


Resource Library 

Our resource library is filled with videos and tutorials. 

Tutorials will help you recall the skills and lessons you're learning in your program. 


Group Skills Classes

Skills classes are held at our facility (indoor and outdoor).

Practice the skills you're learning with guidance and feedback from your instructor. 



Our community is filled with other dog parents experiencing the same thing you are! 

Learn from the community and never feel alone on your journey.


Group Coaching Sessions

Coaching sessions are held online from the comfort of your own home so you have the space and attention to get your questions answered and work through training challenges. 

Get ready to have a reliable companion!

Untitled design (1).png

By the end of this program, you will:

Have a strong foundation for a reliable companion. As close as you can get to an instruction manual. 

Cultivate your relationship with your dog through games and patterns. 

Learn management, structure and skills that will help you navigate your dog's behavior.

Fall in love with your dog again! Dog training is tough but can be rewarding.

Get Started with our Life Skills Program, Today!

Foundations for Life



The next best thing to an instruction manual for your dog!

📅 In-Person Skills Classes: Wednesday

💻Virtual Group Coaching Sessions: Wednesday



*Classes alternate between coaching and skills for 8-weeks. Unless otherwise stated, your first class will be a coaching session. 

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