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Day Camp

Our day camp program is a unique experience designed to provide your canine education, enrichment and exercise.  As a result, you gain the perks of a well trained and happy canine without investing large amounts of your own time!

Your canine will have clarity and understanding of the skills and behaviors learned at day camp, and you'll have access to homework and training videos, making it easier for you to maintain your canine's skills in your day to day.

What will my canine do at camp?

Enrichment and exercise are a priority for the day and we ensure ample opportunities for decompression are provided between training sessions. 

Book Your Day Camp Package

Day camp is available Tuesday's and Thursday's. Book now to see our calendar of available dates to get started!

Day Camp Packages

Day Camp Drop-Ins



1 - Session

*Only for canines who have been through one 3-month day camp program

Day Camp Plus

Start tackling your canine's training!


3 months of day camp

1 x private lesson

*1 x day camp per week

Day Camp Premium

Meet your training goals!


3 months of day camp

1 x private lesson

*2 x day camp per week

Drop-off and pick-up (8am and before 4pm) at our Training Facility just off Glenmore and Barlow SE

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