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Our Team

Meet the human team behind the canines here at CDT.

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Dr. Wendy James

Dr. Wendy has been working at Southpointe Pet hospital in Calgary since its opening in 2006. She has many areas of interest including allergic skin disease, natural nutrition and has advanced certification in both of these areas. She also receives referrals from local dog trainers for management of difficult behaviour cases. The health, training and conditioning of working dogs is her current passion which started after joining Canada Task Force 2, an Urban Search and Rescue group, as their team Veterinarian 4 years ago. She is currently  completing the PennVet Working Dog Practitioner certificate for Veterinarians to further her working dog knowledge. This program provides Veterinarians hands-on training to support working dogs, performance dogs, and canine athletes.


Dr. Wendy is a Ford K9, Certified Scent Detection Trainer, and has a passion for scent detection. She will be teaching many new and exciting scent detection programs at CDT including; Sniff-Venture, rotating monthly skills classes, and coaching for scent detection teams. She is also participating in an Agricultural Detection study with the Alberta Government training dogs to detect clubroot infection in canola. This important study could provide farmers with early detection of this invasive plants and help reduce the spread within the Province. 

As an accomplished runner, Dr. Wendy can often be found hitting the trails with her malinois, Blake. Having completed many marathons and ultra races, she knows a thing or two about commitment and perseverance. Dr. Wendy competes in multiple detection venues with her malinois Lisa, who has an SDDA Master Championship and Elite title, Blake, who's just starting his detection career, and bulldog, Janet.

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