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Turbulent Teenagers

Contact us to discover how we can help you and your turbulent teenager. We provide support and training for jumping up, door manners, recalls, counter surfing, greetings or any other behaviors you need to address to have a harmonious household. 

Our Program is specifically designed to meet you and your canine where you're at, and help you meet your goals!


Stop being embarrassed by your canine and start living the life you always imagined.

Get relief for unwanted behaviors and teach your canine what they need to know to be a reliable companion.

Turbulent Teenager Program

Are you tired of wondering where your cute puppy went and wondering why your dog acts like they don't know anything you've taught them? Do you dream of a harmonious relationship with your companion, free from anxiety and stress? Look no further! We have the perfect solution for you: Turbulent Teenager Program.

Get Started


Behavior and Wellness Consult

Consults are held in our training facility or virtually.


1 x 60 min session plus a wellness plan to give you a head start tackling problem behaviors.


Turbulent Teenager

Start tackling your canine's training with our unique training program designed to set you up for success.

Contact us to discuss your canine!

What's included?

Our programs includes a progressive training plan, course material, coaching and unlimited support designed to help you meet your goals.

Progressive Training Plan

Course Material


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