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Tamara Champagne

Tamara Champagne is the founder of Canine Development and Testing. It wasn't all that long ago that she recognized dog owners lacked the roadmap to train their own dogs and overcome training challenges. The hunting and pecking through the internet for training advice and strategies was ineffective and did not support dog owners with implementation. Fast forward to today and you'll see how she's taken her background in process improvement, adult education and coaching and created a framework for reactivity and scent detection. 

Tamara will give you simple, actionable strategies to help you train your dog and meet your goals, no matter where you're starting. 

Tamara is a Ford K9, Canine Cognition Instructor, Certified Scent Detection Trainer-2, and CKC and C-Wags Scent Detection judge. 

Tamara has a vast perspective on temperament and training, having trained many different breeds from the working, herding, and sporting groups in competition obedience, IGP, ringsport, scent detection, tracking, hunting and service work. 

Most importantly, Tamara is known for developing confident, cooperative dogs that excel as companions in sport and at home. 

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