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Our Team

Meet the human team behind the canines here at CDT.

Tamara Champagne

Tamara Champagne is the founder of Canine Development and Testing. She is passionate about supporting canine enthusiasts to develop well-rounded partners at home, in the ring, or on the job. Tamara uses the skills and experience she has gathered in leadership, adult education and facilitation to provide programs and education that reach a wide audience. 

Well known for the time and energy she gives back to multiple organizations and events, Tamara is an active part of the canine community in Alberta. Tamara is a Ford K9, Canine Cognition Instructor, Certified Scent Detection Trainer-2, and CKC and C-Wags Scent judge. 

Tamara has a vast perspective on temperament and training, having trained many different breeds from the working, herding, and sporting groups in obedience, IGP, ringsport, scent detection, tracking, and service work. Tamara and her dog's have achieved countless titles and recognition including:

  • Owned and trained two of the highest titled Dobermans in Canada

  • Multiple obedience all breed high in trials

  • Multiple obedience specialty high in trials

  • IGPI High Protection / High in Trial

  • SchII title and High SchII (one of the few female Dobermans in Canada)

  • Earned various CKC and Schutzhund tracking titles on multiple dogs 

  • Owner / trainer of the first Doberman to earn a Sporting Detection Dog Association Master Championship and Elite title

  • Trained and handled Valor on the set of Fraggle Rock, Season 1, Episode 9

Most importantly, Tamara is known for developing confident, cooperative canines that excel as companions.


With a background in Quality Management and training in leadership and facilitation, Tamara brings process to developing and testing canines, with an attention to detail that delivers results. 

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