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Pupventure Program

We help you bring out the best in your canine.

CDT's exclusive experienced based, PupVenture Program takes the boring out of training everyday life skills and will have you looking forward to every class! Our blend of facilitated and experience based learning will help you and your canine cultivate your relationship, learn new skills applicable to real life, and have one heck of a fun time. 

While you're at it, earn merit badges to show off to your friends! Girl Guides and Scouts meet dog training....this is one program you won't want to miss! 

The merit badges in our PupVenture Program include:

  • Pup 'n SUP (CDT-PNS)

  • Pup 'n Patio (CDT-PNP)

  • Pup 'n Hike (CDT-PNH)

  • Pup 'n Seek (CDT-PNSE)

  • Pup 'n Yoga (CDT-PNY)

  • Pup 'n Run (CDT-PNR)

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