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Our Team

Meet the human team behind the canines here at CDT.

Gwen Haynes

Gwen has been a dog enthusiast since she was a very young child.  Dogs, well animals, have always been a huge part of her life.  The science of learning and teaching has been something that has intrigued Gwen for a very long time.  When she got into Rottweilers, she sought out all the information she could find on how to train her Rottweiler.  Some good and some bad information but all of it, as well as the dogs she has trained, have led her to the trainer she is today.

Gwen has had Rottweilers for 20 years now.  She loves the breed for their workability, versatility, nobility, intelligence and strong work ethic.  Gwen decided to start breeding Rottweilers about 10 years ago when searching for her next performance Rottweiler. She was looking for a dog that had all the things she wanted including correct structure, type and temperament. As a testament to her dedication of proper temperament, Gwen is a Chief Evaluator for the Temperament Test Associates Canada. 

Gwen is an accomplished breeder, trainer and competitor. She has trained and titled in carting, herding, tracking, obedience, rally, and Schutzhund. Just some of her accomplishments include: 

  • Breeder, owner and trainer of Lana, Lieben and Leto (mother, daughter, son).  All 3 went on to earn their OTCH and MOTCH titles with Leto going further to his GMOTCH.  She owned the Father/Grandfather to her three (Logan), who also went on to earn his OTCH.

  • Making history as the breeder, owner and trainer of the first Rottweiler in CKC to ever be #1 All Breed in Obedience (2021)

  • 16+ Obedience High in Trials

  • Held the number 1 spot in CKC obedience and herding with her various dogs for their breed and working group

  • 2 perfect 200 obedience scores (open and utility)

  • Multiple CKC Carting titles on her dogs including:   Draft Dog, Draft Dog Excellent, Brace Dog, Brace Dog Excellent

  • Made history as breeder, owner and trainer of the first Rottweiler in Canada to earn all three draft titles offered by CKC at the time (Lana)

  • Owner and trainer of the first Rottweiler in Canada to earn a Tracking Championship (Logan) 

  • Multiple breeder / owner handled Confirmation Champions

  • Multiple advanced herding and stock dog titles on 4 of her dogs 

  • Assisted in getting her dogs ready for their Schutzhund careers/titles with her partner in dogs (SCH3, IPO1, FH1, OB1, OB2, TR1, TR2, UPr1, FPr1, BHs)

Gwen has a knack for being able to read dogs and train each dog as an individual. She reaches each dog using various teaching and training techniques to bring about the understanding of the required exercise. Gwen's thoughtful approach to proofing dogs on each exercise before they step into the ring is key to her success. She's able to keep training fun by incorporating games ensuring the dogs are always loving what they are doing.

Gwen is passionate about helping others reach their obedience goals. Gwen is constantly giving back to the obedience community through organizing events and trials, supporting her training partners, and participating as a board member for multiple clubs. Gwen is always welcoming of all novice dogs/handlers and actively supports them in reaching their potential in the obedience ring.

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