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Virtual Coaching

Virtual coaching is a great option if you have ever felt overwhelmed on where to start with training a new behavior / skill or how to troubleshoot an existing one.


Topics of your choice can be on anything from management and manners to detection, obedience, tricks, or service dog skills.

Want to really break down a behavior? This is a great way to do it!


We will communicate through a private Facebook group where you can upload your videos for review.

You may also ask questions without video.


You receive feedback within 48 hours as written notes with references to your video and any other training material to support feedback.


You'll have lifetime access to your coaching content so you can refer back to it as often as you need.


Kelsea and Mila

Tamara is incredibly knowledgeable and makes learning highly relatable.

Leslie-Anne and Lily

Having my specific dogs and their specific needs/issues be Tamara’s only focus during our private sessions is invaluable...she gets to know each dog and my household really well, which results in her training and advice being perfectly customized to our exact needs.

Gaye and Rainbow

I would say Tamara is probably one of the most effective instructors I’ve had in dog sports / training. She is easy to understand and thorough.

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