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Cognition Seminars

We help you bring out the best in your canine.


As Canada's only Canine Cognition Instructor, we're excited to share the world of Canine Cognition with you! Trained through Ford K9, CDT is passionate about helping you know your canine. 


In order for us to enhance the performance of our working canines, it’s essential to understand their cognitive skills. Conducting the cognitive tests developed at Duke University and taught at Ford K9, we are able to identify how our canine’s learn. More specifically, how strong are they in memory, how quickly do they make an inference, and just what exactly do we do with all that information?


This 3 day intensive seminar will cover the following:

Day 1 – Theory on canine cognition and learning the tests

Day 2 – Performing inference tests on your canine

Day 3 – Performing the memory tests on your canine and analyzing the results as a group to derive meaning and solidify understanding


This seminar is for all dog enthusiasts and trainers – amateur and professional. This seminar will give you information to train the dog in front of you, and knowledge is power when it comes to your training.

These cognition tests have shown to reduce wash-out rates, and speed up the training process. Training efficiency is as important for the professional as it is for the amateur. No one wants to waste time and money training ineffectively. In addition to your typical selection criteria, cognition testing may increase the likelihood of selecting the right canine for your program or goals.

Seminar Options:

1) Held at CDT - We will do all the work for you! We will organize and host the seminar here at CDT. Bring your obedience, agility or detection groups and 4-6 canines! Auditors welcome. 

2) Held at the location of your choice - Not local to Calgary? That's ok. We come to you! Contact us about your plans and we can provide you details on how to host a Canine Cognition Seminar in your area.