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Freeze! Building A Rock Solid Indication Part 1/2

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*This webinar was developed for and hosted by FordK9 - Please purchase this webinar here: If you’ve ever wondered if your canine is looking at you because they’re at source or because they’re confused, or if you’ve ever had a blurt alert at a trial, this workshop is for you! All teams can benefit from what we’ll learn today, and the strategies taught here are applicable to any team that already knows at least one odor, and are hunting with independence and motivation. Through my experience training and judging sport detection teams, I’ve become aware that many handlers were led to believe that training an indication to their canine wasn’t a good idea. It would result in false alerts, diminished hunting, and is not necessary if you can just read your canine’s body language. Well, I’m here to debunk those beliefs and show you some simple strategies for teaching your canine an indication without impacting their searching. Let’s explore the options for incorporating indications into our canine’s known behaviors so we can clarify the communication within our detection team and better know when our canine is truly at source.

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