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Our Team

Meet the human team behind the canines here at CDT.


Abby Hodder

Abby grew up in St. John’s, NL and her passion for animal welfare began while volunteering in the racehorse industry throughout junior high and high school. In 2018, Abby pursued her first Master’s degree in Animal Welfare & Behaviour at the University of Guelph in Ontario. It was then that her true love for behaviour grew.

After moving to Calgary, AB to pursue her second Master’s degree in Veterinary Medical Sciences, Abby began fostering dogs from a local animal shelter. Caring for numerous dogs with behavioural issues was both challenging and rewarding. For Abby, it was an experience that complimented her education and it’s only grown from there.


Her lifelong passion for animal welfare has merged with her love of dogs and of educating others. Abby’s training interests include puppy raising and fundamentals, life skills for companion dogs, scent detection, and integrating fosters or adopted dogs into their new home. Additionally, Abby is preparing her German shepherd, Yara, to compete in scent detection. 

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